Friday, September 26, 2008

Adam and Jessica's Wedding

Bride and Groom

On September 20th we attended Rusty's cousin Jessica's wedding. Earlier that day, Paige had a 5K race, we took the 1 hr ride home, quickly got ready and headed across town!

Me with Ms. Photographer!

Paige and I went early to help Jessica get ready. Jessica and Adam hired Paige as their photographer so she was there snapping photos! Right now the prints are still be edited (all 600 photos!) but we'll be showing some of her best off soon! These shots are from Patti (so many turned out great!)

Loving this one! Bridesmaid Kandi, with her daughter (and flower girl), Taylor!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mike and Michelle's Shower

My friend Rachel and I hosted a baby shower for our friends Mike and Michelle. They are expecting their first son, Michael John in mid to late October. It was also part nursing school reunion! We also decided it would be fun to invite dad along too so we had a co-ed shower! Although, boys were still out numbered 4 to 10+ but I think everyone had a good time.


We had a bar-b-q cook out with hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, blue punch (that turned purple thanks to some frozen BLUEberries!), plenty of cupcakes and cookies to go around twice! I was happy to host this shower in preparation for hosting my next shower in November for a friend at work, Lori!

This weekend we will be attending Rusty's cousin Jessica's wedding. Paige is going to be the photographer so I'm very excited about that. She has real talent and I think we will have a great time!