Thursday, August 28, 2008

Austin, Texas

Last weekend Rusty and I spent the weekend in Austin, Texas. We were so excited about this not only because it was someplace that we had never been, but also because we were going to visit our friend Savanah. She was a college roommate from my sophomore year at UCF and after graduation, moved to Austin to be part of the AmeriCorps!

Once in Texas we saw the sun for the first time in almost a week. Hurricane Fay had been causing so much wind and rain the dry heat was almost welcomed! Although we didn't see 100+ degrees, it still got pretty hot!

On this trip we visited the state capitol, took a dip in Hamilton pool (a really cool grotto), went to a festivl for Mexican dance, hiked a portion of the 8 mile GreenBelt along a dried up riverbed, watched the bats take flight off the South Congress Bridge and met a few new people too! All in all we had a really great time and enjoyed our stay in Austin. Can't wait to have Savanah come visit us in Orlando!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August update

August has been a pretty busy month! I was lucky to have some time off of work and did a lot of things that needed attention around the house. I also attended the Grass Roots Initiative program with the Nurse Practice Council at work. It is a really great group that stands for shared governance in the work place. Our project for Grass Roots involves building teamwork on a unit of 75 nurses! It will be a feat but I'm excited to be a part of a group at work making changes to better the workplace.

In between my conference for Grass Roots and working I took a week off and have now finished painting every room in the house! I also have put some finishing touches on decorating the house. This is really fun for me but it means that Rusty has work to to hanging chandeliers, mirrors, and curtain rods after he gets home from work. He's been really great about helping out and supporting my creative outlets! Check out some photos on our photo page...

Besides all that we have really enjoyed the Olympics this year and spent many nights staying up late to watch gymnastics, running, diving, volleyball, and many more sports.

Also happy to note that our house (and wobbly fence, below) survived it's first hurricane/tropical storm. For us, it wasn't much more than a constant rain with some wind. We were lucky to get away with just that!

Up next: This weekend Rusty and I are eagerly awaiting our trip to Texas to visit our friend Savanah. More later...