Monday, September 12, 2011

Adventures in Solid Food!

Today the babies got their first taste of something other than milk: Avocado! Probably much more exciting for Rusty and I than for Audrey and Madison but they didn't seem to DISLIKE it!

First, they started out feeding themselves (well at least Audrey did, Madison was totally uninterested!) This is called the baby-led-weaning method of introducing solids. In true BLW, there is never any spoon feeding, the baby decides when and how much solid food to eat and when to wean from milk. I'm into letting them discover textures and foods in their natural form but I'm wanting them to actually EAT the food too (this doesn't usually happen until about 9 months old with BLW). So we are making up our own routine! BLW with some spoon feeding thrown in the mix! It was so much fun watching their little faces with the first tastes of food!

I'm not quite sure what Madison thought of the whole experience. Definitely not as interested as Audrey but not totally rejecting it, just unsure! Our more timid child for sure!!! Next on the menu: baby cereal and pear and sweet potatoes! I wonder if the girls will have the same reaction to sweet potatoes as Rusty did as a baby (he spit it all over his grandmother!) Just another day in the life of a twin mommy :)