Monday, February 28, 2011

31 week update!

Well, another week down! At least 5 more to go!! At our appointment today everything seems to be going well with the babies and my contractions are under control with the medication they have me on.

Today the ultrasound tech estimated both girls to weigh in at 3lbs 6oz!! Now the real weight gain should start (at least for the babies!) We also got a nice surprise, baby "A" is now head down instead of transverse! I may be able to have the babies naturally instead of a c-section although time will tell! Here's hoping!

With all that good news you might think I'm off bed rest. I think all the excitement and anxiety of the day got to me. My blood pressure was elevated to the point I'm on bed rest because of it! Boo! Going back Thursday and hoping to be off restrictions!!!! Of course, when I got home my blood pressure was better than ever.

Today Rusty installed the car seats in the Fusion and we practiced putting the car seats into the double stroller. Seems like it would be easy but it's a tight fit! One more thing we can check off our to-do list!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

30 week update

After nearly a week on bed rest I had a check up with the doctor today. Everything is going well and the amount of contractions I'm having at this point are considered normal! I've been prescribed another week of bed rest until my next appointment and ultrasound. Then they will look at the babies and if things are still looking good they will consider changing my activity level and weaning down my medication for contractions. Either way, I'll still have to be very careful and take it easy..not an easy task but definitely worth it! Thank you to everyone for their kind thoughts and support!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Showers, Babymoon and Bedrest!

Well, since our last posting a lot has happened!! Starting with the baby showers! Both my mom and mother in law threw me a baby shower. Many came to show their support and celebrate our joy! The gifts were generous too! We are getting very close to having almost everything we need...only 2 more baby showers to go. We are very blessed! Here's a photo of my mom and I at her shower. Pictures of Patti's shower are to come :)

At our 27 week check up and ultrasound we got a clean bill of health and an ok to go north for our babymoon! The babies were measuring 2lbs 7oz and 2lbs 9oz. A full 5lbs of baby inside of hard to believe!! They are growing right at and above a normal singlton baby :) But, it looks like Baby "A" is still being stubborn, in a transverse position...they say she has plenty of time to turn and face head down, but only time will tell!

As for the babymoon, Rusty and I took a quick vacation to northern Florida. We were lucky to get an extra night and spent it in St. Augustine. The next day we visited the fort and watched them discharge the cannon. It's been since 4th grade since I visited that place! Then we continued our drive to Amelia Island where we spent 2 additional nights. The weather was awful, cold and rainy as a cold front moved through. All we really did this trip was eat, and sleep so the rain really didn't interfere :)

The last day was beautiful. Before leaving town we did a little shopping (a beach town is perfect for finding beachy stuff for the babies' room!) then headed to THE beach. It had been 80 degrees in Orlando that previous week, keep in mind! I was determined to go the the beach, so that's what we did! Overall I had a wonderful time with my hubby and tried to cherish every moment of quiet! In a way I'm sad things will be changing because they are so great right now, but I know once the babies are here it will be great too, just in a different way.

About a week after we returned from our trip I started having some contractions. Painless but much more frequent and strong than usual. I headed to the doctor's office and promptly got sent to the hospital. I was surprised but complied. After 6 hours, several medications and some fluids I was sent home. Later that night the contractions returned and Rusty drove me back to the hospital for a 2 night stay. I'm now on strict bedrest for at least a week or 2 and on a pill that helps control the contractions until they are ready to be born. So far, things are going well but we still have a long 6 weeks until we should even be THINKING about welcoming the babies into the world. I just hope they don't have any other plans!!

Now that I am home on bedrest, I should hope to update a bit more frequently :) As for right now, I'm doing a whole lot of directing and supervising from my comfy spot on the couch! I'm feeling well but wish I could partake in some of the activities around here! My mom and dad have been by helping with chores and cooking. Rusty has been so supportive and is really helpful and keeping my spirits up. How lucky could a girl be?