Thursday, March 8, 2012


Ok, ok! I'm finally updating! Geez....I'm glad people actually still check this thing :) So, life has been very full lately. The girls are everywhere and into everything! Let's talk about them first:

Audrey: Our once fussy child is now very happy (most of the time!) Every day we get lots of smiles and even a chuckle here and there! She is independent and social, always making eye contact and smiling at strangers while we are out and about. They always tell her how cute and beautiful she is and she just eats. it. up! Still a mama's girl, however, and gets very angry when I am around the house but not near! We often find her trailing after Madison on their little adventures. Monkey see. Monkey do. She is truly a joy! Audrey LOVES her fruit and carbs but has also come to love the meatballs, meatloaf and hamburgers her mom so lovingly prepares from scratch! She also happily picks through her tray with her very accurate pincer grasp to choose exactly which item she wants to eat (peas, corn and Cheerios are some favorites too!)

Madison: As we like to say, Brutis! As much as Audrey is a mama's girl, Madison is a daddy's girl!!!!! She finds comfort in Rusty in a way that I can't give her. Funny how they have chosen us in such a way! Madison is much more reserved and takes a long time to warm up to people. Even people she sees regularly! But for those of us who know her well, she is quick to laugh, squeal and smile, showing off her new toothy grin! She has also discovered that a little fake cough will get people looking at her pretty quickly. I shot quite a few photos of her this month mid-cough! She has graduated from the military crawl to her hands and knees, getting places quickly. As soon as she sees the back door open or our bedroom door she is sprinting towards the opening! The back door leads to the outdoors (where she loves to be!) and there's that funny green stuff out there with lots of dead leaves to munch on! Our bedroom, she has discovered, is where the shoes are. Another obsession! As always, she remains fascinated with Layla and will sometimes just start laughing at the dog out of no where! Unfortunately, she also likes to grab her soft fur. There have been a few occasions where she's ended up with a handful of it! Good thing Layla is so good with them!!

On Fridays the girls and I go to our Baby Bunch group and meet with other moms and babies. There is a different speaker each week and we really enjoy the outing. Rusty and I have also been working at teaching the girls a few basic signs. So far they have really picked up the sign for "more." Occasionally Audrey will sign for milk but it's mainly just more, more, more! We have "more" work to do, teaching them to use other signs to communicate their needs :)

It's hard to believe that their first birthday is quickly approaching. I'm in denial about it actually. I wish it wasn't happening. I have so enjoyed this first year and this time especially. Their personalities are blossoming, they are smiling and laughing, they join us for family meals, they are easy to take out and about, they sleep through the night. How could it get better? Part of me dreads them growing up because I love who they are right now so much. They want to be with us, they love us and they are so innocent. Each stage has its challenges and joys but this is my favorite time so far. Maybe I will like the next stage even better but who knows.

As for us: Rusty is still awaiting a promotion to lead position back on second shift. We are hoping he gets and interview (and the position) within the next week or two. As for my job, we are entering the slower season at work and I am nervous about getting canceled too much. I am considering taking a part-time position instead of per-diem but it also means taking a LARGE pay cut. We remain optimistic and realize that things will fall into place, just like they always do. It just causes a little stress in the meantime.

Until next time...