Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our growing family!

So far the pregnancy is still going well. I feel like we just found out we were pregnant but also find ourselves rushing to get things done before the babies get here!! How does time go so fast? As you can see I am growing rapidly which is starting to make getting around at work a little more difficult! I have 6 weeks left before I have to take my leave of absence...hope I can make it!! So glad to have such a great team at work to help me!!!!

We have started getting bombarded with baby stuff (thank you!!). Strollers, cribs, clothes, car seats, breast pumps, diapers, baby swings and bouncers. It is clear our lives are about to change drastically! We have installed a closet system in the baby room to start getting things organized. The last 2 weekends have been spent installing a fan and light in the room. They finished wiring it in today...I feel like the worth of our home just increased :) Tomorrow we are going to try to tackle the garage. I feel tired already!

Overall I'm feeling well and have really enjoyed feeling the babies activity (especially in the last week!) I think sometimes they wake each other up kicking! If everything is still going well, Rusty and I are looking forward to our "babymoon" to Amelia Island at the beginning of February. This week we start our parent education classes and soon the baby showers are going to start! So much to look forward to!