Wednesday, August 31, 2011


As August draws to a close it seems it is time for another update. I feel like I'm doing pretty well if I can update this blog once a We didn't do much this month except maintain! The grandparents (my dad and Rusty's parents) alternate watching the girls on Saturdays and daddy gets the girls Sundays when I work. Monday and Tuesday are our weekend but it's hard to just enjoy when there are long to-do lists on our short weekend! I have started to work less night shifts and more day shifts. It's harder on me that way (less time to sleep between shifts!) but it's nice to have my Monday off be an actual day off and not just a recovery day from staying up 24+ hours.

We took a trip to the beach, just the 4 of us, and had a great time until Mother Nature decided it was time to have a thunderstorm. We got a good hour at the beach but would have loved a bit more! I think another trip will be in order soon. I never got my nap!

The girls are now 5 months old and we have gone through the trouble of getting a new pediatrician. We met him this week and are really happy with our choice. Audrey is now 12lbs and Madison, 14lbs. Madison is almost 3 times her birth weight. I almost can't recall how tiny they were anymore. It's sad how memories fade so fast.

The girls are both very smiley these days. Audrey is very interested in anything and everything going on around her. She likes to sit, stand, look around and be stimulated as much as possible! Madison is much more easy going and has started to giggle, especially at the dog. It's fun to watch their personalities blossom.

Next month we are looking forward to Labor Day weekend (my sister is coming home...YAY!!!) She returned to school at the beginning of August and her leaving has been an adjustment! (We miss her!!!)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More pictures...

July pictures are uploading now! Check them out in our web album on the right side of this page!! :)