Friday, October 30, 2009

Surgery, remodel and more!

So, it's been almost a month since my surgery and everything is going well! I am back to work and getting around ok but still need to rest a lot and not yet ready for biking or rollerblading. I am having physical therapy 2 times a week and seem to be making pretty good progress! As happy as I am to be this far along, I can't wait to be pain free and exercising again!!

Flowers from my Dad and Jim after surgery!

As for Rusty, things have been going really well in school! He made a 96% on his first Biology test and a 92% on the lab practical!! I am so proud of him!!! Not only is school going well, he is also loving work. Most recently, he was chosen to test a product his company was trying to market to potential buyers. They got to choreograph a whole battle scene and dress up in full gear and shoot simulator weapons at each other. I don't quite understand the thrill it but he really enjoys it : )

Besides being busy at work and school, Rusty also finished our floor installation (all 3 bedrooms) with his dad in just 3 weeks! Talk about staying busy! But now the laminate is finally in and looks AMAZING!! It has been super easy to maintain and we are so glad it's finally done. Of course, we have several more projects lined up...but isn't that how it always is with a house? Anyway, they'll have to wait for the budget to grow and some time to relax and enjoy!

Earlier this week I also hosted a baby shower for my good friend Boni! She is expecting a baby girl right around Thanksgiving!! Can't wait to meet her!

The next thing on our agenda is a trip to Alabama to visit Rusty's grandparents (with a possible side trip to UWF?!) More later!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The living room is done!



Furniture's in!!

Well, not to say that installation was easy, but it's done!! The first 3 rows were very difficult for us but once we got the hang of things, it went fairly quickly. We had some pretty tough cuts up by the entryway and that took some time but in a week, it was done : ) Overall very happy with the results. Although, I never want to paint another baseboard again...oh wait, we have 3 more rooms to go!! (At least they are small...) Rusty is hanging in there with his classes and new job. His first Biology test in Monday so keep him in your thoughts!! Guess we better buckle down and study this weekend : ) As for Monday, I'll be in surgery for my knee. More later...