Monday, September 3, 2012


August has come and gone. The major event for the month was our outing to the beach. It was the first time we've been since the girls were around 5 months old (besides Castaway Cay of course). It was a bit easier this time and it seems like that is the way most things have been going these days. Here we are in front of our mini-van with a wagon full of stuff. Coolers, canopy, chairs and towels, oh my, life has changed! We were accompanied by Paige and also met up with Kara, Becky and Evie. Unfortunately, our trip was cut short by a really nasty thunderstorm! We actually saw the rain coming towards us down the beach!
This month we also had a play date with my friend Boni and her two kids Brianna and Allison. A week later we headed to Universal Studios with them too! So fun to hang out with people doing the same things that we are. It was the girls' first trip to Universal which is hard to believe because we can really go anytime! The girls got to ride Shrek and check out Fievel's Playland. They had a great time in the mini-bounce house.
We spend time outside almost every day despite the heat. I put the girls in sun shirts and hats and let them roam the backyard. By now they are starting to get pretty tan little legs (well, at least Audrey is!). She is darker than her daddy!! They love to swing, play in their house and squirt each other, and themselves, with the hose! It seems like they pick up more signs every day. So far their joint vocabulary is: eat, drink, milk, more, all done, banana, berries, fruit, bread/muffin, fish, bear, ball, baby, please and probably a few more I'm forgetting! It's so amazing to watch them grow and learn.

Audrey has become quite the talker! She has always babbled a lot but now she is starting to make sense to someone other than herself :) She often verbalizes as she signs the words so it makes it even easier for me to understand exactly what she is saying! So far she says: mommy, daddy, ducky, doggie, poppie, baby, ball, eye, ear, beep beep (car), uh-oh, and cookie. Sometimes she really gets going and says all the words she knows one after the other! She also had her first 3 word phrase "more fishies please" all in sign! Her newest thing is babywearing. She has a baby doll that sits inside a backpack that can be worn. Too cute. Audrey is definitely still the more girly of the two. She prefers not to get too dirty so she didn't really enjoy the sand at the beach. After daddy buried her in sand enough times, she decided she was ok with dirt. It was so fun to watch her explore the beach. She ran right up to the water and was very interested in the seagulls.

Madison is a girl with two extremes. VERY happy or VERY mad! She is bubbly, bright and quick to smile. She gives hugs and kisses and seems very in tune with Audrey, especially when Audrey is upset. She has recently been very attached to me and likes to be worn either in my sling or Boba. Madison also has a temper if she doesn't get her way and is known for her tantrums (throwing herself on the ground and all!). If she wants to do something, she does it, over and over! Playing with the TV cabinet drawers, climbing (and catapulting off) the couch, opening no-no drawers, pulling things off the table, throwing food on the ground, to name a few. Yes, this has been a month of testing limits and boundaries. One thing remains; she is an amazing napper. We have struggled with Audrey napping but Madison sleeps through it all (thank god!) All the mischief making must wear her out! She has also said 2 words this month: WOW and dada! Most of her language skills are in the form of sign but it's fun to start hearing her voice instead of just shrieks and squeals!
Baby Jones is growing! At the end of this month, I was 33 weeks along. If this was my last pregnancy I would be one month into bedrest and delivering in just 3 weeks! The nursery is almost ready, the bag (partially) packed, and names picked, well, we're still working on that last one there! Hoping it comes to us by the time baby arrives :) I recently switched my prenatal care from the OBGYN to a midwife and will deliver at a birth center insead of the hospital. The closer I get to delivery, the more excited I am about having a natural birth and postpartum experience. The plan is to have a waterbirth and catch the baby cool is that?! Well, I'm excited about it anyways. I've already had 2 meetings with a doula that will help me through labor. This baby moves a lot and sometimes kicks me so hard I find myself gasping! I'm SO excited to find out the gender and see what (and who!) this baby looks like!!!
So, with 4 short weeks to go, I'm scrambling to get ready. Trying to catch up on my photo books, videos, making and freezing extra meals AND get the house in shape to welcome another member of the family! I'm getting along ok at work but find I need a day to recover from my long shifts. All and all, so thankful to be able to continue working and taking care of my family!!!