Saturday, February 20, 2010


February has also been exciting! It started off with a bang....literally! We have been hoping that it would hold out a few more years but our a/c unit died which wouldn't be so bad except it's been freakishly cold in Florida this year and we've actually used the heater to keep the house out of the 50 degree range! We were actually very lucky for it to have broken now insead of the summer; otherwise we would have spend about 4 times as much to replace the entire system since they just discontinued the "old" gas system we have. Talk about unanswered prayers!
We also hosted a Super Bowl party on SB sunday! Even more amazing that I had the night off, I made it through the whole game...well except the last few minutes : ) It was great to gather with friends. Rusty cooked us all burgers on the grill...yummy!
This past weekend we enjoyed a trip to Clearwater for Valentine's Day. It was really nice and has been a long time since we have gotten away just the 2 of us. We spent the night in a really nice Spa Resort near Tampa Bay and drove into Clearwater to watch the sunset. It was sooo cold that night 40s with 30mph winds off the ocean...burr! Can't wait for our cruise in May!!!


Finally getting back to post 2 months later! The last few months have been pretty busy for us! In January we welcomed Robert home from Afghanistan with a family BBQ. We also were able to meet Megan's new baby Kaleb for the first time. (Such a cutie!) It was nice to have the whole Bish family together again...especially after I missed Christmas.

This year we also finally made it back to the Monster Truck show....loved that! I think this year was the first time we realized how rigged it all is but it's still fun all the same : ) We were joined by Nolan and his girlfriend Andrea, Rusty's friend John and his girlfriend Doreen.