Saturday, June 19, 2010

Crazy, busy life!

June started off with Rusty's 27th birthday!! We were joined by our closest friends (and a surprise visit by Grant!) for dinner at Kobe's steakhouse. Yumm!! Here he is in his birthday hat....Happy Birthday babe!

Rusty and I finally enjoyed a day at the park together before the Harry Potter madness started! We rode some of the best roller coasters out there and just enjoyed the park (without the expense!) Loving the perks of working at Universal! It is a great job, with a great company. Rusty is so happy to be working someplace he is appreciated! They have offered him lots of overtime and he has put in some really long days lately. I have to brag on him because they are also considering him for a lead position ALREADY! He hasn't even finished his 90 days and could already be on his way to a big promotion! I'm so proud of you and all you have done!!

Between work and play there is more work on the home front! I finally finished my office project I've been working on forever. 3 years after my graduation and 4 years after Rusty's last graduation, our diplomas are finally hanging up on display! This picture is from a recent trip we made to Home Depot with our Christmas gift card from Dad and Jim. It's the gift that keeps on giving!!! After our coooold winter (don't laugh northerners!) all my plants died. They were replaced with some knock out roses...good for those of us with a brown thumb, and some pretty annuals. Why didn't anyone ever tell us how expensive owning a house is? Laughing and loving every minute!

Join us in welcoming Grant's new baby girl, Emma Kate Enwright. Born June 7th. 6lbs 6oz. Congratulations Grant and Erin!!!

Scuba, babies, weddings and cars, oh my!

After returning from our cruise, my sister and I took a trip to the Miami area for Grant's baby shower. One of the downfalls of a new job is not being able to take time off. Rusty had to miss this one! We had a great time and can't wait to meet Emma and see Grant being a daddy!!

As part of Rusty's job, he needs to be dive certified to do underwater track maintenance and inspections on the ride. This is a picture from a dive he did at a local spring as part of his training. He has yet to dive at work but had a great time at the springs!

Yes, it's not an illusion. That's me with my new(er) car. Not exactly what Dave Ramsey had in mind but it was time for an upgrade! I just don't think my Sentra would have made it much longer without some major work! This is Ford's mid size car, the Fusion. I've had it a few weeks now and I love it!

Memorial day weekend we traveled to Virgina and watched my good friend Kara tie the knot! She and Don were married May 29th in a beautiful ceremony in the mountains. It was so amazing and I'm so glad we could be there!!! Congrats Kara!! On the way there we stopped to visit Al, Heather and Peyton and their new restaurant. Delicious! As always, check out the rest of our pictures in our photo album!