Monday, June 4, 2012


May is always a busy month for us. This year I turned 27, Rusty and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary, I got to enjoy my second Mother's day and we enjoyed our first family vacation. Tired yet? I am!

This month the girls have been busier than ever! Madison remains a tomboy. She is our explorer and troublemaker! She knows what she isn't allowed to do and checks over her shoulder to make sure no one is watching. If she notices someone watching her, she quickly continues doing the forbidden behavior! She is full of confidence at home but remains shy around strangers. As tough as she sometimes seems, there is a gentle side to her. In the evenings (or even mornings!) she loves to cuddle up with her blankie. My favorite times with her right now are right before bed when we read our stories. She always climbs up on my lap for a quick cuddle before bed.

Audrey is still a mama's girl and loves to ride in my backpack when we go to the grocery store or walking around some place. She has become quite the little chatter box as well. She walks around the house saying something that clearly, you should understand!!!! When she really gets going, she'll even stick out her pointer finger as if trying to make a real impression. She is starting to try to say more words, although "doggie" remains her favorite. Every animal is a doggie to her and every animal also makes a monkey sound "e, e, e!!" Very entertaining. A few other words she has tried to say are ball, daddy and ducky. She is also a little mother. Audrey loves her "babies" and is always toting around one stuffed animal or another. She is very sensitive to Madison's feelings and gets very upset if she is crying.

Both girls are becoming entertainers. They like to kiss their stuffed animals, blow kisses, kiss the animals in story books and wave hello and goodbye. When one does something, the other is usually quick to follow.

As for little baby Jones, he or she is growing well. I feel movement everyday and I realize how special a time this is. We have our final ultrasound this week. It's so weird to me since I had so many with the girls but I'm so satisfied to feel the little bumps of tiny limbs inside of me! We have decided to make the sex of the baby a surprise and can't wait to meet this little person. I'm already 21 weeks!

I wish I could freeze this stage in our lives for a little while. I love growing new life inside of me and I love watching the girls discover the world. (It doesn't hurt that sleeping through the night is consistent!) Rusty and I have seemed to settle into a routine and I am enjoying seeing him as a father more than I thought I would. He is also a great husband :)

More next month (or sooner if I'm feeling really ambitious!)