Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First family vacation: Complete!

Our long awaited Disney cruise has come and gone. And it was amazing! Not every second was perfect but overall really great and really relaxing.

It wasn't like any vacation we've taken before but there were no dishes, no cleaning and no laundry. We napped every day with the girls and went to bed not long after their 7:30 bedtime. It was just what we needed!!! My favorite part was watching the girls explore new things and smile with pure delight. This was certainly a trip to remember!

Check out the rest of the pictures in the photo album to the right :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Audrey and Madison Turn ONE!!!!

April started out busy and never slowed down!!! The first day of April, we celebrated the girls' first birthday with family and friends. Then on the 3rd we celebrated their actual birthday with brunch at Keke's buffet with mom, an afternoon walk in their wagon and some cupcakes for after dinner desserts!

This month we also announced that we are expecting our third child on October 17th! This also happens to be Dannis' birthday so it will be a very special time!

Most of this last week has been spent getting ready for our cruise which leaves on Friday! It is a long awaited, much needed vacation!

In baby news: the girls' continue to grow up (how do you keep that from happening anyway?!) They are now both walking and are getting better and better each day. Soon they'll be running! They are both starting to become more vocal, babbling all day.

Audrey: She said her first word! Doggie! She is very particular at mealtime, sorting out her food in a way that is very methodical! She also loves shredding paper and putting the pieces into piles...oh my looks like she inherited my OCD! They are starting to learn more sign language too. Audrey knows "more," "clean-up" and "bye-bye." She also helps (sometimes) with cleaning up by putting toys into the toy basket. Her hair now requires brushing and she loves to do that too. And don't even think about trying to take her brush away until she's finished...lol!

Madison: She was our first real walker! There is no fear in her and I think that's helped her be successful first. She knows she is going to fall, and it doesn't keep her from plowing on ahead! Madison is a much more rough and tumble sort of chick. She excels in gross motor skills but some of the more finer things like sign language are only for times that she's in the mood to do them! She currently (occasionally) signs "more," "all done," "bye-bye" and "daddy." Forget about mommy...haha!

More after the cruise! :)