Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Last night Rusty and I had some friends over to celebrate Halloween early with some pumpkin carving. We searched for the perfect pumpkin (turns out Publix has the best deal....large pumpkins for $6) just in case you were wondering! Then chose our stencil or free handed our design. After carving we were so proud we took a ton of pictures. Somehow, the girls were much more interested in this part than the boys. After carving we watched football and I baked the pumpkin seeds....yumm! Friday we're headed to Blue Springs for some camping! Good thing our weather's been nice!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October update

Rusty and I have fallen into a routine of work, eat, sleep, repeat! Although, we do have some news to report.

First, Rusty has installed a turbo kit on his Focus. It makes his car much faster and he says it will save us on gas too because it is more efficient. I guess we'll see the difference driving it makes : ) In all, he is very pleased with it since he no longer has his truck or a mustang to fix up. Meanwhile, I'm still in my '98 Sentra waiting on the funds to come together for a new car. Feels like I'll be waiting awhile....

We have also purchased our first real set of furniture for the living room. Don't get us wrong, the hand-me-downs were great but we felt after 3 1/2 years of living together, both of our graduations, and purchasing a home, that we deserved it!
Also around the home, we embarked on a weekend home improvement project 2 weeks ago that is still in progress! We decided to tear out the caulk in the master bath and replace it because it was getting moldy. After tearing it out, we realized the grout would need to come out, the wall would need time to dry, and we'd get the pleasure of re-doing it in this 4 year old home. I guess that's what being a homeowner is all about! We hope to re-tile the bathrooms and kitchen and paint the exterior this "winter."

Paige has also shared her pictures from Jessica and Adam's Wedding with me. She's got a real talent and is considering making her own webpage and business cards. I think that would be a really fun thing to do though college and maybe as a career! Her pictures are posted in one of our photo albums...Check them out!
Speaking of Paige, she just attended her Senior Homecoming. It's hard to believe she is a senior this year! I feel like I was just there minutes ago! Here is one of many beautiful pictures of her...(I think the camera loves her!)