Monday, July 14, 2008

Rachel's Birthday Camping Trip

Rachel's birthday trip to Ichetucknee Springs was in late June. Rachel and I headed up first, as we had the day off. We arrived well before we predicted the afternoon thunderstorms would start. Unfortunately, just as we arrived it down poured for hours! We set up this awesome tarp cover in the pouring rain. It was genius really (if we say so ourselves!) We battled giant spiders, pouring rain and limited supplies to set up this rain cover for 4 tents! Luckily, the pouring rain stopped before everyone else got there and we actually only got a few sprinkles the rest of the weekend! Here's to dry camping!
The rest of the trip was spent hanging out with Mike and Michelle (6 months pregnant!) and Grant! We spent a few hours floating down the spring on our rafts, enjoying the sunshine (and sprinkles!)