Thursday, August 28, 2008

Austin, Texas

Last weekend Rusty and I spent the weekend in Austin, Texas. We were so excited about this not only because it was someplace that we had never been, but also because we were going to visit our friend Savanah. She was a college roommate from my sophomore year at UCF and after graduation, moved to Austin to be part of the AmeriCorps!

Once in Texas we saw the sun for the first time in almost a week. Hurricane Fay had been causing so much wind and rain the dry heat was almost welcomed! Although we didn't see 100+ degrees, it still got pretty hot!

On this trip we visited the state capitol, took a dip in Hamilton pool (a really cool grotto), went to a festivl for Mexican dance, hiked a portion of the 8 mile GreenBelt along a dried up riverbed, watched the bats take flight off the South Congress Bridge and met a few new people too! All in all we had a really great time and enjoyed our stay in Austin. Can't wait to have Savanah come visit us in Orlando!