Wednesday, September 9, 2009

...and then there was tile!

Starting last Wednesday we have been tiling the kitchen. When I say we, I mean the dog and me! While Rusty was lucky enough to be off at work I decided to tile the kitchen. Besides the temporary insanity and the nightmares about cutting and re-cutting tiles, it went well! The first day, I laid all the full tiles. The second day I spent 12 hours on the cut tiles and didn't even finish! Rusty helped at the end of the 3rd day cutting the more difficult ones then I mortared them in place. The 4th day was spent on the grout (only a couple hrs total!). Then Rusty and his dad cut and nailed in the baseboards and the following day I caulked them in place and touched up with some bright white paint! In exactly a week our kitchen is transformed. I've never been so happy to do laundry before (wonder how long that will last!?). Check out the progress in our photo album...laminate.



This weekend we plan to FINALLY start on the laminate. It seems the leaks are fixed...cross your fingers! I put so much caulk on those stupid windows. I'm learning houses are literally held together with nothing other than caulk...who knew?

Other than that..nothing much going on. Rusty is busy with this new work/school schedule. He is finally understanding the fatigue and exhaustion that comes with rising before 5am : )

Keep your fingers crossed for us for a smooth laminate laying weekend!!!

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