Monday, May 10, 2010

April Update

Rusty in his Universal uniform

Well, now that we are almost half way through May I should post our April update!!! Most of this month was spent in anticipation of our upcoming cruise! (This means LOTS of work and overtime to save up those extra spending pennies!!) While we are on the topic of work, Rusty has settled into his job at Universal on the Jaws ride. He works 4 nights a week, which will eventually work out well for us when we get on the same scheduled nights! Each night he is on call for any problems with the ride. After the park closes, he is in charge of shutting down the ride and doing any scheduled maintenance on the boats. After he gets certified to dive he will also be doing maintenance on the track the boats drive on. He has even taught them how to essentially "soup up" the boats, making changes in the engine components to give the boats more horsepower....a trick he learned from building race cars! (Who said that wouldn't come in handy someday?) Between shifts at Universal, he is also still working a few hours at Greenway as a helper for extra cash. Whew...makes me tired just thinking about it!

We took a trip to Wekiva Springs in early April to celebrate our friend Mike's birthday! It was a beautiful day but not quite warm enough for 72 degree spring water swimming. Gotta start working on that base tan for the Caribbean sun!!

As one of the joys of home ownership we (as in Rusty) have learned how to install a garbage disposal. Not something you think about often until it doesn't work and there is water backing up into the sink every time you run the dishwasher...! Could've found a lot more fun things to spend that $150 on but now we have a much quieter and better quality disposal that hopefully has about 20 years in it!

I served on my first Jury in April. It wasn't fun. Not even a little bit. I expected to spend a day in court and go home. No. Not me! I got called for the FIRST jury of the day; it was then I realized something was definitely not going to go right. Then I find out it is jury selection for a first degree murder trial. I about fainted and of course ended up being chosen to sit on the jury. It was very surreal listening to testimony and realizing, wow, I am going to decide this person's future. In the end, I spent 3 days in court for a "not guilty" verdict. This case solidified the meaning of "beyond a reasonable doubt." Lets hope I don't get chosen again anytime soon!

Then it was finally cruise time!!! I prepared getting a pedicure with my sister and Andrea! (Yay! Paige is finally home from college...for the summer anyway!) After our pampering we went to Urban Flats with Rachel and Michelle for Ladies Night! We had great time celebrating my birthday, enjoying half price martinis and entrees and free dessert! Who says it's not great being a woman?! Then, back home for packing and an early start for San Juan tomorrow!!!

Ladies Night at Urban Flats

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