Friday, April 29, 2011

One month old!



Today is (was?) my due date and on Sunday the girls will be one month old. Believe it? I don't!

We celebrated Easter at my mom's house. Lunch was amazing and it was nice to have a change of scenery and visit with family. We even got a multi-generational picture.

Paige came home from college and has spent most of her time so far here helping out around the house! She even helped me go to a support group for new mommies and bake some cookies to say thank you to the office that cared for me during my pregnancy.

Gotta keep it short because my babies are stirring and ready to eat again! Check out the newest pictures in our photo album :)


kathy said...

Shelby they are absolutely beautiful. I bet Paige is over the moon to finally get her hands on them. Love and miss you guys.

My Happy Place said...

What beautiful babies! Sounds like they have a super cool aunt.

My Happy Place said...

Just went through the pictures of the fever is contagious. Holy cow..I want to nibble at their little toesies and talk baby talk.

My Happy Place said...

Thank you for letting me hold and feed your sweetie this weekend! I'm in love, of course.

Rusty and Shelby said...

Yes, yes, yes! I had so much fun at the shower! Thank YOU for feeding my munchkin :) It is hard not to be in love!