Monday, October 8, 2012


So, I'm a bit late on our September update. Time has rushed us into October and the month is already a quarter of the way through! Baby is due this month (12 days to be exact!). How could that be so?

This past month we were very busy (what's new?) We had another trip to the beach, this time with Grandma and Grandpa Jones. Fun times and less rain :) We have spent a lot of time playing outside in our new double swing, drawing all over everything in the backyard with sidewalk chalk, and even eating homemade popsicles. Not to mention the fun times with boxes.....the girls love it when mommy shops online!

Our big event for the month was having a party to celebrate the coming of the new baby! We had a great time with lots of friends and family in attendance. It was so great to see all the kids playing together in the back yard. What a great space. Daddy and Grandpa worked hard to put up a sun shade just in time for the party. Another great addition to the backyard!

Madison: This little girl is starting to really get some hair! It is VERY blond and kind of curly in the back. She has just enough to put a small bow in...but who are we kidding? It gets torn out immediately!!! She is still into lots of mischief but is generally a very smiley, happy child. She is a lot like her daddy was when he was little! I am amazed with the amount of teeth this kid is getting....and all at once. She is an amazing teether (thank god!). She's getting all 4 molars and an incisor! At her 18 month check up she measured in the 75th percentile for height and 50th for weight. Sometimes I am shocked to look at her because I see a little girl looking back at me, not my chubbo little baby!

Audrey: This month, Audrey's vocabulary has exploded! Each day she says a new word or two. I think she must have doubled or tripled her word count and often imitates words that you say. She likes for you to know she can talk too and is proud to walk around pointing out things and naming them. Seat! Wawa (water)! Baby (pointing at the nursery or my expanding midsection)! She has a sweet little girl voice and it's so fun to hear her say mommy! At her 18 month appointment she was 25th percentile for weight and a bit less than 50th for height. She is just starting to get her first molar.

Baby J: A bit more than 38 weeks gestation at this point and we can expect to meet him/her any day now. I don't feel like labor is close but I didn't with the girls either. My bag is packed and my birth plan is in place. I still can't imagine life with 3 kids but I know it's coming! I'm excited not only to find out the gender of this baby but also, who the baby is going to look like and what temperament he/she will have. I'm hoping for some sign of a proper name. We still haven't committed and not sure that we will until the baby is born.

October is going to be a month of extremes. We will be celebrating the joy of new life but also celebrating the life and mourning the loss of Dannis. Saturday we will be scattering some of his ashes at the NamKnights clubhouse and his birthday is also coming up. October promises to be a month to remember!

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