Wednesday, December 5, 2012

October & November

Ok, so I might have missed last month but to say I've been busy is an understatement :) But hey, you got my birth story!!!

Early in October we took a trip to the pumpkin patch and had a really great time. We even got a short visit from Paige (yay!) Then, we welcomed Elana to the family on the 17th. We were very lucky that Rusty was able to take 3 weeks off of work. It was great having him home, enjoying family meals and putting the kids to bed together each night. Not to mention the sigh of relief and the looks we gave each other after the big girls got in bed. Is this really our life?! It's insane and awesome all rolled into one.

In November, Rusty went back to work. I quickly fell into a routine and it was almost like we've always had 3 kids. Almost. I quit being terrified of being left alone with all of them. Sometimes it seems like someone is crying in this house constantly. But it's the moments where Audrey and Madison are running and laughing hysterically together in the evenings, the random hugs and kisses, the way A&M adore Elana, the way my dog tolerates the kids antics and watching the way my husband fathers and loves our children makes my heart so full!

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year at mom's. I feel so blessed that she is not only here to celebrate with but also, that she cooked us a delicious Thanksgiving meal! We have so much to be thankful for this year (and every year).

My little Audrey. This kid is really talking now! She is saying new words all the time and now multiple words together. "Daddy, where hoppo?" "Milk please," "Daddy work, gone!" "Towel, hands" We are always saying to each other, did she just say {insert phrase here}. She also loves showing off what she is learning. When we read books, she will point to and name everything she can on the page: daddy, baby, meeew (cat), shoes, etc.
She has a definite mischievous side as well. She is quick to imitate Madison's naughty behavior (throwing food, cups, you name it) and then when you discipline her she cuts her eyes away in defiance or continues the said naughty behavior. Sigh. Nap time is a constant struggle. She will play quietly in her crib for an hour or more until she decides nap time is over. When I go in to settle her down I find teddy, dolly, blankie and usually her clothes, thrown out of the crib. I redress her, cover her back up and get out of there hoping I'll get lucky and she realizes how tired she is!  

Madison: oh, our little stinker!!!! She is into EVERYTHING! Opening drawers, cabinets, baskets and emptying their contents everywhere. Tearing pages out of books, climbing on the couch, climbing up the slide, on the chairs outside and standing on the picnic table. And often, a temper tanturm upon correction! After we further toddler proofed our house and stood our ground on boundaries, things calmed down. I think it had a lot to do with the disruption of our new addition too!
Not to forget her joyful side :) She absolutely loves her dog and her sisters! She runs around the house squealing and gets the dog running all over going crazy! We are lucky Layla has such a good temperament! Madison is also expanding her vocabulary. She's been "talking" for awhile now but we're just now making out the words! The first time I realized she was talking, she pointed to a pair of shoes in one of her favorite books, Muddypaws, and said, SHOE!

Elana is a sweet little baby! She doesn't cry much unless she is hungry or tired and then watch out, she's pissed!! Unlike our other babies, she doesn't like pacifiers. She must have a sensitive gag reflex as she has projectile vomited on several occasions...I'm throwing in the towel on this one. She's just starting to find her hands and suck her fingers and thumb so that should help :)
So far she is a resilient little thing as she gets poked in the eye "baby, eye" (yes Audrey, that's the baby's eye, please don't touch!!!!) or bashed in the head with a toy (Madison! Watch out!) She is starting to smile real smiles every day and it's so fun! I wonder daily what she will be like when she is the girls' age. If she's anything like her big sisters, she'll be sweet trouble too!
She is definitely a mama's girl and loves to snuggle. She is still sleeping in the bed with us at night because she eats so frequently (every 2-3 hours). I'm enjoying it because I know soon she'll have to start sleeping in her own bed! Right now we are working on her taking a bottle....only 5 1/2 more weeks before I'm back to work!!

As for next month, December is here! Oh my. Let the Christmas holiday begin...

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