Thursday, August 23, 2007

More summer fun...

Well, we just continue to keep busy this summer. Two weeks ago Rusty and I took Paige and Megan to Wet n' Wild for their $20 after 5pm special. Little did we know they were only open until 9 not 11 and the price was actually $30! Hmm... So we decided to go anyways and ended up with passes for the rest of 2007 for only an extra $7 per person! We will be enjoying those until it gets cold here until, uh, probably into November as some years go in Florida!

Rusty and I also made another trip to Rainbow River. This time we brought more friends and my siblings as well! We also got smart and used one of our rafts as a flotation for our very large cooler filled with snacks and drinks for the 5 hr trip down the river! Perfect relaxation!

Next weekend we are planning a trip to Amelia Island, near Jacksonville, FL. We reserved a cute little room at a bed and breakfast...a first for us! (We are used to the cheapest motel we can find!) This is a much needed couple-time get away! Of course we scheduled this for the most popular beach holiday of the year, Labor Day weekend but it will still be a lot of fun!