Monday, August 6, 2007

Keeping busy!

We have really been enjoying summer time in the past few weeks. Two weeks ago we made a trip over to Daytona Beach and spent the weekend enjoying sun, relaxation and nothing else! On our way home we made a stop at Ponce Inlet where they have a lighthouse and several buildings set up to describe the life of the lighthouse watchmen and other historical information.Here is the lighthouse we climbed up! All 203 steps were terrifying!

The following weekend we went tubing down the Rainbow River in Ocala National Forest with a group of close friends. It was quite a hike (a 2 hour drive) but totally worth the beautiful trip down the river in our tubes! It took 4 hours to complete the run and by the time the afternoon thunderstorms came and blocked out the sun the spring water at about 70 degrees really started getting to us! Of course, we plan on doing this again soon!

We also visited the Orlando Science Center's "Our Body" exhibit. This was probably the most exciting thing I've ever seen in my life. Rusty was just grossed out I think! This is where they have dissected and preserved real human bodies in many ways to show the different systems of the body, like cardiac, respiratory, etc. A very fascinating way to learn anatomy! The rest of the day was spent enjoying the Science Center. It reminded me of many fond memories I had there with my dad and siblings when we were kids!Just one small example of the exhibit! So cool!

This past weekend Paige and I practiced parking for her driving test which is coming up later this month! I think we parked in about 1000 different parking spots but she is going to be a really great driver!! The next day we packed up the car and went to Clearwater Beach. We spent a couple of hours there and then joined up later with my friend Savanah to celebrate her graduation from UCF! Now it's back to the grindstone for a long week at work!

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