Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Reindeer Run and camping at Ft. DeSoto!

Here we all are watching the sunset (minus Paige, our photographer!)

On the weekend of December 8th we went camping at Fort DeSoto in St. Petersburgh. This is the weekend of the Reindeer Run at the St. Pete Times Forum that we did last year. Rusty and I were joined by Grant, Paige and Savanah.

Friday we arrived and set up after sunset. We turned in early since we had to get up at 6am to run the 5K! Paige smoked us all, as usual with about a 27 minute run. Savanah finished second and Grant made amazing time at 35 minutes, a 10 minute improvement from last year! Rusty and I finished together around the 40 minute mark! Phew...we've got some work to do for next year!

Then we came back to camp and took showers and napped in the grass for hours (at least I did!) Paige was soo bored! Savanah was able to stay for the marshmellow roast but had to leave EARLY Sunday morning for a flight to Austin to check out her new place for the Americore next year! So excited for her!

Sunday we packed up to go home after an amazing weekend!