Saturday, December 27, 2008


Here's Layla helping Rusty put up the lights.

This year was an unusual year for us at Christmas. First, we happily got our house painted..yay! So there wasn't much done in the way of lights at our house. Second, I had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, oh the joys of nursing. But that didn't stop the celebrating!

Early Christmas week Rusty and I spent some time with his family over dinner. We also attended a Christmas party hosted by our friend Rachel. On Christmas Eve after work Rusty and I opened our presents to each other which were modest...our gifts this year were Layla and painting our house! Christmas night we had Paige and Nolan over for a scary movie and then last night Mom cooked us a big Christmas dinner and we opened presents there.

At Rachel's Christmas party with Michael and Michelle!

All in all, Christmas was different this year but I was humbled by the fact that there was no one for me to visit in the hospital and that all of my immediate family is in good health.