Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reindeer 5K at Fort DeSoto

Mid-December we camped at Fort DeSoto in Tampa for our annual Reindeer 5K Run. We were joined by Paige, Grant, Savanah and Savanah's cousin Sean. Once again, it was a very cold and windy convenient. Actually, it worked out for the best because we moved from our inside, no-view campsite to, pretty much the best campsite ever made! We then had a spot right on the water with a beautiful view of the sunsets!

The 5K was another story. I was unable to run due to my continuing knee problems. Rusty stayed by my side for support, never mind the very cold, long run he didn't mind avoiding! So, Grant, Paige, Sean and Savanah were our runners!

Unlike other camping trips, we did no cooking! We were lucky enough to have Savanah as our guide to St. Pete again. We visited our favorite Mexican restaurant, Carmelita's and Savanah's parents had a BBQ for us on Sunday before returning home...yum!

This would be our last time seeing Savanah for awhile since she is off for a Transatlantic crossing with her parents in their boat...such fun! That will last December-early February. After that, she returns for another year in Austin with the Americorps...!