Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally...a cold day in January

Not much happening this month. Right now I am enjoying a day off sitting in front of my friend Michelle's fireplace. Really one of the few days in Florida to enjoy one! I am watching her baby Michael, while she sleeps after a long night of work. I am feeling surprisingly capable...haha. I have 5 close friends who are either pregnant or have just had babies (Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!). So, there will be plenty of babysitting opportunities in my future!

Also of importance, my dad came for a visit early this month and stayed for a week. We had a great time and it was kind of fun to play grown up and have a place to offer your dad to stay! We spent a lot of time visiting family while he was here and really just relaxing! In March we will be visiting him!

Rusty is eagerly awaiting next week since he will be taking some vacation time. It's one of those, use it or lose it deals. He plans to clean up the garage but I have some time off next week too so I think we'll end up just goofing off! Kara comes into town at the end of next week so that should also be a lot of fun. That's all for now!