Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Keeping Busy

Well, it's hard to believe it's already half way through February! Rusty and I have been very busy already this year. At the end of January we enjoyed a visit from our friend Kara from Tennessee. Since we are all working people it was a short visit but we hope to go up for our own short visit soon! Here is a picture of us sunbathing in January....oh how I love Florida!

Rusty's grandfather was recently hospitalized for a heart attack. He was flight lifted to ORMC, not Florida Hospital where I work. Working in a cardiac ICU, of course I was right up there nosing my way into things making sure he was getting the best care. After repairing the blockages with several stents, he suffered a small stroke! The nurses at ORMC were great and his care was excellent there. He is home now and doing well. It was nice to see how everyone came together during his week in the hospital.

Each Sunday night Rusty and I are attending FPU (Financial Peace University) at a local church. Our friends Mike and Michelle urged us to come to this 13 week course on financial management. The class discusses basic concepts of paying off and staying out of debt, building an emergency fund and building long term wealth. Some things we knew and were doing, some things we knew and weren't doing and others things we have learned have helped us tremendously. It has been great for not only our finances but also our marriage. Opening the lines of communication about money has really decreased stress and increased our feelings of teamwork!

During the past few months the economy was worrisome but not overly so. It was always just a news story on TV. This week Rusty had a mandatory meeting at work and we were almost certain he would be laid off. Luckily, Rusty still has a job but has had to take a 10% pay cut from an already decreased income. Later that day there were many people that did lose their job. Everyday, I am more and more thankful for my job. No matter how hard of a day I had, I can rest knowing I HAVE a job that many do not.

Lastly, we attended a wedding of a friend of mine from nursing school, Erika. It was a beautiful wedding and we had a great time. I was also glad to have the company of my friend Boni and her husband otherwise we wouldn't have known anyone there! Here is a picture of us at the reception near the beach!