Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Florida Keys and more...

So we finally packed up the car and headed to the Keys with Paige and Brooke. Well, we maybe should have waited longer, like until the winter! While we had a good time together it was unbearably hot and humid! Although, we did have a beautiful view of the ocean right on our campsite! Each morning we woke up to the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore, and the buzzing of mosquitoes in our tent (haha)! After settling in our first night we experienced a torrential downpour which flooded the girl's tent. A typical camping adventure for us, this was all new for Brooke! We promised her it wasn't always so miserable!

Sunset in Key West

The next day we hoped in the car and headed for Key West. We spent the day sight seeing and stayed for the sunset celebration on the pier. We returned home late that evening. The next day we drove around in the car and enjoyed the AC mostly. We finally found a "beach" that got deeper than 2 1/2 feet deep! Actually, it was more just a pull off on the side of the highway, but we enjoyed the water and even a picnic lunch. We all decided that we would leave late that night instead of sweating out another night in the tent. Little did we know there was 40 miles of bumper to bumper traffic awaiting us that night! Honestly, all in all we enjoyed ourselves. However, next time we camp in the Keys it won't be in June!!!

View of a water spout from our campsite!

I started on night shift last week and so far, I've survived! It's going to take some time to adjust to the creative sleeping pattern but it's definitely going to work out for the next few years. It has been nice in a way, giving me more time at home with my family. Mostly, I am able to exercise Layla a lot more and be home with her in the daytime, even though I am usually asleep.

One thing I have been able to enjoy is my mini-garden. While my bean plant didn't make it, my tomato plant is doing well and is producing yummy cherry tomatoes! It is so nice to go outside and pick them fresh for dinner! Also thriving are the basil and oregano plants. Along with the extra "me" time, I've also decided to give back a little. I toured the shelter that brought Layla to us in preparation for volunteering with them a few days per month. I'll be helping out with the dogs, bathing, walking and whatever else needs doing!

This summer we are learning the joys of home ownership! This winter we painted the house and thought that would be all the home improvement we'd be doing for awhile. Last month we came home from the Keys to a sauna, inside the house! Luckily, Dannis works with an AC company on the side and they were able to help temporarily fix the air. Unfortunately, we need to replace the outdoor unit this summer. Not to mention the hell Layla has put our carpet though in the last few months she's been a part of our family! Replacing the carpet is a close second our our list of home repairs this summer! Yikes! Looks like that extra cash from night shift will be put to use sooner than later!!

This weekend we are looking forward to a vacation with Rusty's parents. We are taking a 3 night cruise to the Bahamas!

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