Friday, August 7, 2009


First, we have come and gone to the Bahamas on the Royal Caribbean cruise with Rusty's parents. We really enjoyed ourselves and got in some much needed sleep and relaxation (and tons of delicious food)!

Second, I have, once again gotten a wild hair and decided that now is the time to replace our carpet with laminate. It is such a good thing that Rusty understands my madness....or puts up with the insanity is more like it. In any case, the carpet is gone...yay! I spent the last 2 days tearing up carpet, pad, tack strips and baseboards from our main living area and entry way. It was strangely therapeutic...somehow I don't think the install will be as easy! Besides 2 huge piles of dirt and sunflower seeds behind the walls, I also discovered 3 areas of rotted tack strips from water leaks. We think some of these were repaired from painting the house and re-caulking the windows but didn't really expect to find all that : ( Good thing we started early.

Our 50 boxes of laminate have arrived and install should start next Sunday. In the meantime we are touching up our paint job (finally) from when we moved in last year, cutting back the drywall and trying to repair the areas that might leak and ruin our new floors! Keep checking back for updates : )

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