Friday, July 15, 2011

Change 3 Things

It all started out as a way to save money but it has evolved into so much more. The choice to cloth diaper our babies seemed insane when I first thought of it. When Rusty agreed to try it it was plausible. But when we started diapering Madison over a month ago it seemed like second nature! I knew it was good for the wallet, the babies and our planet.

Recently I found the "Change 3 Things" campaign. It challenges parents to replace 3 diaper changes per day with cloth diapers instead of disposables. If 100,000 parents make the switch it will result in up to 50 MILLION POUNDS less waste in our landfills. Waste that, by the way, won't biodegrade for over 500 years! In just one day, the 9,000 people who have joined the project so far, prevented the amount of diapers 19 babies use in a year from entering our landfills!!!

In the time it takes our girls to be potty trained we will have saved our wallets over $3,000, our planet 14,000 disposable diapers in a landfill and saved our girls' cute little butts exposure to chemicals! So for all the skeptics out there: it is easy and it is possible! If you know someone having a baby, challenge them to consider using cloth diapers instead of disposables! (And yes, I'm ready to get off my soap box now!)

Besides, who could resist these cute diapers :)

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