Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 is here....

...and we're still recovering from 2011! The craziness of the holidays is settling and the Christmas decorations are put away. In fact, I even have the V-day decorations put up. Other than that, our life is crazy right now! Rusty's schedule at work is changing from moment to moment. Ever since the closing of Jaws on January 2nd, he has been shuffled around and his shift has changed several times. It looks like he will be officially placed on second shift on another ride but we still don't know his days off. Oh, and there's a possibility he will be working third shift for awhile, starting Sunday but we probably won't know until late this week. This makes life really difficult when my schedule is already made through mid March! I know things will work out but it really is a struggle in the meantime!

Not much in other news except the girls are changing and doing new things everyday! Audrey is pulling up on everything (mainly mommy) but also any furniture she can get a hold of! Madison is still a sprinting is very interesting to say the least! They are also becoming good eaters and no longer require being spoon fed purees! We are able to take them out to restaurants to eat and it seems they are a bit easier to take out and about. We are (I think) in the process of transitioning from 2 short naps a day to one. I hope this one nap is long!!!

I staged a mini-photo shoot in preparation for the "holiday." Mainly just for fun :) Daddy was the one getting all the smiles for me in the pictures...a great assistant!

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