Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Babies' First December!

As much as we enjoyed the holidays, I am breathing an exhausted sigh of relief that it is all over! All of November was spent in preparation for Thanksgiving, December for Christmas and now it's already the new year! I guess I better start thinking about the first birthday party?! How time flies!

The month started with a camping trip. Yes, we took the girls camping! It was certainly not the most relaxing trip we've ever taken but it was great to include the girls in the December tradition! We were also able to steal away to the theme parks before the holiday black out days! Rusty and I had a date night to MGM for the Osborne light show and the next day took the girls to Magic Kingdom and met up with my cousin Stacey and her family!

We also had several visitors this past month! Paige was home from college and Nolan from the Army. So great to have my siblings home for the holidays and it made me so glad that the girls will always have each other :) My friend Savanah was also home from California and came to stay. Last but not least, my aunt, uncle and cousins from Minnesota came for a week! So fun to all be together!!!

Then came the actual Christmas holiday. We hosted Rusty's family on Christmas Eve. Aunt Judy and cousins Dylan and Noelle were in town too! I baked a turkey and a pie and we enjoyed lots of good food! Then, Christmas morning my family came and had brunch and opened presents. Then Rusty's parents came and opened presents, then we went to the grandparents for the afternoon. Feel tired yet? I do, just recounting it! Loved being together with family but wow! exhausting with two little people :)

The girls learned how to crawl this month! They are everywhere and into everything! Audrey is learning to pull up to a stand and Madison is the fastest crawler you have ever seen! They continue to LOVE their doggie! Layla has been a saint with all the craziness that is mobile twins. She shares her toys, tolerates the fur pulling and gives plenty of wet kisses! We are lucky to have a dog like her for the girls to grow up with!

We also have had major news in regards to Rusty's job. Jaws has closed as of the beginning of 2012 so he has been moved to another ride. We are very grateful that he didn't get laid off but are also struggling to adjust to a new schedule. He is now working 5 nights a week on second shift. My job is going well. Lots of sick people to take care of this time of year!!!

We are counting our many blessings for 2011 and hope that 2012 is another great year!

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