Monday, March 21, 2011

10 day count down!

So, as of today there are only 10 days left until I'm full term! Yikes!!!! THAT snuck up on me for sure. Today we had an appointment and they hooked me up to a monitor for a non-stress test. The babies looked perfect according to the doctor! I on the other hand have been having a lot of contractions!!! They are hopeful I will make it to April for a delivery date but aren't making any promises. (We are still keeping our fingers crossed though!) So, until they deliver, I remain on bed rest and hope that will be enough to keep them from coming.


Nathan & Kathy said...

The only complaint I have is that your part of the family tree (the Bish/Crider/Jones branch) is really loading up on April birthdays. Well on the bright side, we get them all out of the way in a quick 5 week period. Keep them legs crossed for now. Love ya, Aunt K

Rusty and Shelby said...

Yes, you're right...the timing wasn't great, lol! We were so excited to finally get pregnant and then we calculated the due date! I guess as much as we (me) try to be in control...we never really are! haha