Monday, March 14, 2011

It's in the details!

So, here's the crib bumper that took me a good portion of last week to hand sew...but didn't have much else on the calendar so it worked out! I'm happy with how the room has turned out so far...check out the photo albums, as always for continued picture updates :)

At our 33 week checkup today we got a chance to see the babies but they didn't get measured this week (but will in 2 more weeks!) They have a good amount of fluid around them and are officially both in head down positions!! Perfect for a normal delivery...keep your fingers crossed for a non C-section birth!!!

I've still had quite a few contractions despite medication, fluid and rest so they will be happy to see me get to 36 weeks. The doctor said I should expect them to come home with me if they are born at that time. So for now, I'm back on the really, really taking it easy instead of just doing a lot of resting. The time is getting close, and we are getting nervous but I'm happy with how things have turned out so far! Just hoping for a safe delivery for the 4 of us (no passing out daddy!)

It seems like everything is all about baby(ies) for now but life goes on for Rusty! He is enjoying his job at Universal on 2nd shift and has been able to get really good at diving! He even tricked a veteran diver into thinking that he's been diving for several years! He's hoping to get his advanced dive certification soon and maybe, one day will talk me into it so we can do some reef diving in the Caribbean. Ahh...dreams! We all have them :)


My Happy Place said...

The babies' room is gorgeous! No more contracting, lady. That's an order!

Nathan & Kathy said...
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Nathan & Kathy said...

Beautiful job on the crib. Keep resting so you can bring both girls home with you. Thinking about you guys lots.