Wednesday, March 30, 2011

35+ weeks

At our 35 week check up, the babies looked perfect during their weekly non-stress test. I also had an ultrasound to measure the babies and check their position. They are still both in perfect position and dropping lower every week! Their estimated weights were 5lbs 4oz (44th percentile) and 5lbs 10oz (59th percentile). The smaller baby is actually probably much bigger but she was so hard to measure because she is smashed so low in my belly! I'm still on my medications for contractions and no dilation so far but they still don't think birth is far off (they keep saying that!). Friday makes 36 weeks. At this point each day counts!!

We also received our double jogger in the mail!! Rusty put it together in a snap and has also organized the whole garage but he made me promise: NO MORE ONLINE SHOPPING! I complied (it's all done now!) This stroller will be perfect for the theme parks and jogging on the trail behind our house. At first we'll be using our in-line because we'll be able to clip the car seats right in. Who knew there were so many choices for double strollers?!

This picture was taken by our new Nikon camera. We bought it for the rapid shutter speed, amazing picture quality and it's ability to take video too! This should last us for many years to come!! PS: Flowers from my dad. It's nice to have pretty things to look at while I lay on the couch..haha!

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