Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Maternity shoot!

Just got our proofs back from our professional photo shoot with Kristin Mizo. This is how we spent our Valentine's Day :) She is amazing and there are more in our photo album!


My Happy Place said...

You are all belly! How do you stay in such great shape? Do you work-out regularly or during your pregnancy (at the beginning)? Also, you are so tan! I want to get a spray tan...where do you go?

Rusty and Shelby said...

Haha thanks!! Wish I could say I was working out a lot but I think I have to attribute this to genetics! Although, I have gained almost 40lbs so far..I tend to carry it on my lower half if you know what I mean!! I love the person who invented stretchy maternity pants!!

I did do some pregnancy yoga and workout videos and walked a lot at the beginning but now it's all couch potato!

I actually don't tan, believe it or not! That's my "white" winter skin...you should see my summer tan!! I think spray tans are definetely better than suntans tho! Hope you find someone :)