Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall is here!

The weather has turned cool, my spiced pumpkin candle has been lit and life is good! Things have been busy around here and the month flew by! I think the girls wore their Halloween outfits three times (maybe).

We bought weekday passes to Disney and started with a visit to Epcot. The girls rode their first ride (the boat ride in Mexico)! It seems to be getting a bit easier to go out with them but we haven't quite figured out naps on the go. The day usually just ends in tears and an early bedtime..haha!

We also took a trip to the Sanford Zoo. Of course, the girls don't really get much out of all this but Rusty and I enjoy the time out as a family together. Paige was down for that weekend so it was so great to see her too!

THEN we hit SeaWorld. Uh, I'm tired recalling all of this! SeaWorld's Spooktacular was crazy! Could've had something to do with going the day before Halloween but I see a few more of those trips in our future. We got the girls dressed up in their costumes and people were stopping us to take pictures. Twins certainly draw a crowd!

The girls continue to mature rapidly! They are getting really good at self-feeding and their favorites are carrot, asparagus and banana! I used to have to help them get the food in their hands but now they just go at it as soon as I put the tray in front of them. Things that used to be difficult for them to pick up are now simple. They are working on drinking from a sippy cup and can now sit up on their own (still losing their balance from time to time!) Audrey crawled a few inches with daddy the other night and Madison is now starting to roll more often. This makes sleeping interesting..I no longer find them where I left them! Who knows what this month has to bring?

In other news: Rusty enjoyed a nice raise at work (yay!!) Universal is now having to compete with Lego Land but all the better for us! We have moved into busy season at my job which is good since I won't be getting canceled as much!! This month we are looking forward to having our annual get together with our friends just before Thanksgiving. This year we have SO MUCH to be thankful for!!! More pictures of the girls are in our photo album to the right!

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